Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is home.

You don't see signs like this every day.  Sometimes I dream about living somewhere else but then I notice something that reminds me why I love living in the middle of nowhere.  

I really love where I live.  I can't say that I love my house - but I love where I live.  I'm in the country but I have neighbors if I need them.  I live on a little one lane road but am within a few hundred yards of  my church.  There is plenty of room for goats, chickens and ponies.  And there is a beautiful little creek running along the bottom of the hill on the property.  Although the nearest grocery story is about ten miles away, it is worth the drive.  It isn't like most of the chain grocerty stores you find : this store is run mainly by Amish.  Across the parking lot from the grocery store is the equivalent of a Walmart - without all the aggravating choices.  If you can't find what you are looking for at either of these stores, then you don't need it!  There is also a gas station attached in this little 'plaza' with the cheapest gas in the valley!

About a mile or so up the road from the grocery store is a little town with all the kitschy stuff that you would expect to find in a quaint little town that is trying to keep itself on the map.  There's a great little cafe that serves food from locally harvested produce as well as locally brewed beer.  There's also a cool little coffee shop, a meat market and a candle shop.  

Basically everything one needs can be found within eleven miles of my home. There are rivers and mountains and dirt roads and ponds and fairs and church dinners and everything here.  And while sometimes I think I would love to try to live somewhere else, I'm perfectly happy right where I'm at.

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