Sunday, September 20, 2015

Junk drawer memories.

This afternoon I was searching for one of the many drillbits that I have purchased over the years and as a result, ended up rooting through the 'junk drawer'.  This is a wide, shallow drawer in an island that sat in my kitchen for years and years.  A search, that should have only taken a few seconds, deterred me for quite a while.  I could write the entire history of the past 18 years just by looking at the stuff in the junk drawer.  There were the baby nail clippers that I used on my 3 youngest.  Actually there were two clippers - which is ironic because if I recall, when I needed them I could never find them.  There was a dropper bottle of Kanka that I purchased for my oldest son the time he had a nasty canker sore on his gum.  Given that Ryan is now 28 years old (Oh My Gosh!!!! 28??), I wonder how effective that stuff is now.  I found a bunch of hinges, chop sticks, screws of every shape and size and a Nokia phone - which was the first cellphone we ever owned.  There are new additions - such as the box of chalk; there are things I don't remember ever owning, like these little metal things with holes in them.  There were bottle caps, bolts, seeds, batteries and gross, black stuff.  There was fabric paint, a long lost lid to my pressure cooker vent, balloons, needles and even a drillbit.  Unfortunately not the drillbit I was looking for.  

I didn't do what I'm sure another, more fastidious person would likely do.  I didn't empty out the drawer and clean it - not even the black icky stuff.  I've had too much change for one month, I'm not ready to give up my memory drawer.

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