Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last day of summer.

What a beautiful day it was!  With the cooler weather being carried in overnight, I had intended to enjoy this day as much as possible.  I started my day by working on the chicken coop - and only managing getting a teeny bit more done on it.  But hey, with the help of the goats, I was able to cut the plywood for the flooring to the right size.  No small feat because such a simple cut required me to locate the saw, the battery AND the battery charger.  I found them all - and the battery even had enough juice in it to allow me to saw almost all the way through the plywood.  Goats Hansel and Leslie were responsible for standing on the wood so that it wouldn't move as I sawed it.  They weren't overly concerned with the fact that because they were standing on it, I couldn't move it.  Therefore I had to saw it in the barn.  My third goat, Cinderella, was trying out the chicken coop - and stood inside it to show me that in a pinch, she would fit inside.  Just in case, the chickens wanted her company.

It was a good day.  I found a total of three kittens - all of whom belong to Erik (our mommy cat).  How I missed them before now, I'll never know.  They look to be around 5 or 6 weeks old. And so cute!!!

It really was a good day.  And after working the rest of the day at our church ham pot pie dinner, I am tired.  A good tired - the tiredness of a day well spent.  

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