Monday, September 14, 2015

By hand.

For the past month or so, I've been participating in a hexie swap.  What is actually being swapped is a six petal flower made up of 1" hexies.  These will be put together in a beautifully scrappy granny's flower garden quilt.  That's what I plan to do with mine anyway.  There are 200 of us participating - many (if not all) of us have at least 1 job and families as well as other obligations so it will be slow going. . .  at least on my end. I'm muddling through.  But what is so awesome about these hexies is that they are done by hand.  No mindlessly zipping them through the sewing machine - each piece is touched by another human's hands.  When we are basting them or slipstitching them together - we are thinking.  Possibly about the person for whom we are making our flower - if we have someone in mind for that particular one.  Some of us say prayers as we stitch.  Some just enjoy the quiet and slow paced stitching that connects to those who came before us.  

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