Monday, August 10, 2015

Something stinks more than the candidates for the upcoming election.

 Namely, my dog.  He stinks more than the politicians that I see/hear from every news outlet imaginable.  Hmmmmmm.  I take that back.  He doesn't smell that bad.  

Why, oh why, does Casper need to dig up and roll in the nastiest, most vile substance known to mankind?  He doesn't care for baths but he has had at least eight in the past two weeks!  I feel like I need to fumigate the house because my little Yankee candle isn't overcoming the stench.

In other news, Daisy the duck and her eight ducklings have totally ditched me!  All those late nights and early mornings going out to make sure that they were all snug and safe in the barn.  All the special treats of dog food.  All the hours of worry that the fox hadn't killed them.  All for naught.  That fickle, feathered fowl left me for the greener grass in the next yard.  How much loss can one person take?

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