Thursday, November 1, 2012

Being loved.

 My husband has never bought me jewelry, he has never brought me flowers and I don't think, has ever given me a card BUT my husband has given me firewood. Lots and lots of firewood.  My husband has spent the past two weeks - including one full week of vacation and nearly all of his overtime money - installing an outdoor woodstove that heats the entire house.  Not just the living room.  He did this most all on his own with the help of his dad.

My husband has never been the romantic type. In fact, I would say that he is anti-romantic.  But in his quiet way, he manages to convey his love for me, the kids, and the animals every day.  I don't write about him much.  Mainly because he just coasts along. He's always there. Very easy to take for granted.

But a high school classmate recently lost her husband.  Which has got me thinking about how lucky I am.  And how despite the many ways he irritates me and gets on my nerves (because I am perfect, you know), I am incredibly lucky to be married to him.

He supports me in my crazy ventures.  From my goats to my AT thru-hike.  He doesn't complain too much when I spend money on running shoes, sleeping bags, chicken feed, tents........ he just simply says ok and in his own quiet way, lets me know he is there for me.

 He's a good guy, that husband of mine.

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