Friday, November 16, 2012


I  realize that I probably put way too much faith in signs. But really,  I have several ways of knowing whether I should head out the door or whether I should go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

 For instance, a morning when I awaken a little late and in which I am in the bathroom and both the alarm on my phone and the tea kettle whistling starts my day with a note of panic along with Casper, my devil dog, barking like a maniac outside can be considered a definite sign.  A morning like that can go either way but I know that my day will not be dull.  If my day starts like that, I will put even more stock on my next, more reliable indicator of the tone of my day: Dolly Llama.  On mornings that Dolly is frisky and happy and following me around with her ears up, I know that the day will be full of internal sunshine, happiness, and good luck.  But on Dolly Llama dark days - those days on which she stares at me with those dark llama eyes, with her ears pulled back, and I can hear her dredging up spit from the bottom of her throat......well, I just know that my day is going to be less than stellar.  Interestingly enough, even though Dolly hacks up spit, she only blows air at me (when she's in the mood).  She has never actually spit any thing at me unlike the spit she has hurled at both my husband and my youngest son.

On days that I get up late and both my phone alarm, the kindle alarm, and the alarm on my kindle are screaming for attention along with Casper barking his head off while I am in the bathroom  and while the tea kettle whistles away and then Dolly is in an ugly mood.....well, those days I just go back to bed and not even bother.  

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