Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dinner conversations

I worry sometimes.  I can't remember names, can't remember to grab my lunch, can't remember where I put my scissors......over and over and over again.  Until tonight, I believed that my teenage daughters suffer the same malady.  They never remember when I tell them to do dishes after school, they don't remember when I tell them that if they wanted their favorite jeans washed they would need to bring them downstairs.  They don't remember many things.  But the conversation tonight around our dinner table indicated that this has all been a clever ruse to get out of things they would rather not do.

We were having a typical dinnertime conversation.........which morphed into a series of what-ifs (what-if the top of the soy sauce came off and it poured all over the plate) which made a natural transition into "do you remember the time that Ryan dumped an entire bottle of dressing on his salad" which then took a nasty turn into "do you remember the time you dumped the syrup all over the table" - a question posed by twin B and supported by younger brother.  Twin A quickly defended herself that it was her, that she never touched the syrup bottle.  Twin B and younger brother countered with "yes, it was her and she sat right there".  All of which is totally beside the point but what is amazing is that the syrup transgression occurred over 5 years ago!

Oh.....they are so outed.  Never again will I buy the excuse that they didn't remember.

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Bev said...

How cute! It's teenage amnesia amazing! Never happens when they are trying to remember the name of that cute boy....

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