Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lumpkin pie, turkey trots, and a beautiful day.

In spite of feeling lost and alone without my dad and my son, today was a pretty awesome day.  I thoroughly enjoyed an early morning run and 5K with my daughters and a whole bunch of other locals.  This was my first 5K. I usually enjoy longer runs more - especially since it takes me several miles to warm up.  It was freezing this morning so before the race, we ran a longer distance than the actual race.  We didn't take into consideration that my girls had eaten right before we left and that 5ks are their things.  They don't need that much warmup and I felt just horrible that Jordan had side stitches, stomach cramps and nausea shortly after the start of the race!  But Haley had her best run and Jordan and I simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  

Our dinner was good - I didn't mash the pumpkin well so our pumpkin pie is nicknamed 'lumpkin pie' but it tastes good.  I think everyone knew how much I missed my dad and just kind of let me alone to cook and bake.  I did get to talk to my son which really made my day and I'll get to see my mom tomorrow and my daughter and grandson on Saturday.  

I really am thankful for all that I have and am very thankful to have had my dad as long as I did.  I'm thankful that my son lives in a beautiful part of the country and hopefully will be able to visit him soon.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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