Monday, November 26, 2012

Something's missing

 The other weekend, I spent a few hours building a chicken fortress.  My chickens are free rangers and aside from losing one or two of them (one from a fisher and the other from a stray cat), I've not had any problems.  But yet, they like to go visiting......they stroll over to see the neighbor's chickens and turkeys, they go pecking around in the other neighbors yard.  They don't cause any trouble but I would like for them to stay at home.  And now that they have taken to roosting on the goat fence, I'm afraid that one morning I will come outside to see them frozen stiff on the wooden railing.  

So I bought some wood from an Amish sawyer and let me tell you, a 2 x 4 from an Amish sawyer is really  a 2 x 4!  And heavy - because it hasn't dried out yet.  I made a fortress for my chickens......10 2x4's, a roll of chicken wire, a box of wood screws - nothing but nothing is going to move that coop.  I even made a little porch covering so that they could choose to eat outside even when it was sprinkling.  
They seemed to be soooo excited - all huddled around their feeder and water dish ~ just like a little chicken family. And at night they will be so protected from the evils that can be found at One Old Goat farm: Sebastian, the goats, Casper.......  except for one little thing that I noticed the morning I came out to feed them and they were all waiting for me OUTSIDE their brand new fortress.......the thing needs a roof!

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