Saturday, May 4, 2013

Goodbye old friend.

Today we said goodbye to a pillar of fun and laughter.  Our hot tub. The hot tub that never got hot. Or wet.  I remember that day nearly three years ago when I came from work and my sweet youngest son was waiting for me: "Just wait til you see what dad brought home!", he said. Imagine my surprise (really, imagine it) when I looked out back and lo and behold, there was a hot tub. Someone was giving it away on Craigs List.  And no one wanted it.  No one except the Browns. If I remember correctly, the bubbler didn't work, the heater didn't work. But yet there was hope.  I understood the reasons why this hot tub held appeal for my husband: it was big, it held water (I recently had the pool taken down after developing a repulsion to skimming instead of swimming) and it was free.

Over the years, the hot tub lost its parts bit by bit.A wire here, a electrical jigger there.....and pretty soon, it was clear that the hot tub that didn't work, would never work.  The most use this tub offered was a sled holder and a birthing ward for several litters of kittens.

Fast forward to spring 2013 Riff Raff days. Several weeks ago my husband made the announcement that first thing in the morning on Riff Raff day, the hot tub would be loaded up and taken away.  I couldn't believe it. That hot tub may not have held water but it has provided lots of laughs over the years. I was almost sorry to see it go.  Almost.


Shirley said...

I chuckled as I read your post this morning. I think of the many times we think we are getting a bargain when it is not. I think we have all been there at one time or another in our life time. Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope you have sunshine today. Ours is cloudy and cold. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Buttons said...

Oh I loved this you had me thinking of the "Free" stuff we have picked up over the years. Never had a hot tub though. Thanks for making me laugh tody. B

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