Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mom.....you are messing with my mind

Dear Mother Nature,

Would you please, please, PLEASE turn the weather dial back to winter!?? My body is responding to the sunshine and I'm connecting to feelings of long ago of going from winter to spring. I'm reliving some of those times in my life that are so, so sweet, they hurt. I enjoy those feelings when it is truly winter into spring, but not these lies!
I know you--you'll lead me to believe that spring is right around the corner with its budding trees and flowers. I'll start believing you only to be slapped in the face with sub-zero temperatures, frigid wind, and mountains of snow.

Please, Mother, bring winter back. It is true that I have been complaining about the miserable weather but I'm just afraid that if we have springtime in the winter, what are we going to have in the summer?
It is true - I love springtime at Penn State but can you just hold off until April? Or even March?
Thanks Mom,
Your daughter-the old goat

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