Friday, January 22, 2010

My Jar of Good Wishes

When I arrived to our weekly adviser meeting this morning, I was greeted by the smell of some wonderful food. I should have expected this because food is the way we celebrate most everything in our college.

But I was surprised. It was wonderful. I work with some of the best cooks and bakers at the University. Fresh fruit and Dunkin Donuts coffee just added to it!
I knew this was going to be a rough day and tomorrow isn't going to be any easier. Goodbyes are always hard. Goodbyes are especially hard when you love the place you are leaving. But changes are inevitable and people move on.
Yet I started crying when I left home this morning. My coworkers have been part of my life for years. I know this is work. I know I get paid for what I do. It is only work. It is only work. I spend 40 hours a week interacting with, depending on, communicating with my coworkers. Like it or not, we are part of a family - we make up our own type of family.
One person in particular, with whom I've developed an unexpected bond I am really going to miss. I don't know how I am ever going to say goodbye to her. She is someone who has every reason to say 'screw-you' to the world. She has been through so much. And we've become very close. She has unexpectedly brought me to tears with her funny stories.
So I said I wouldn't read the notes in the jar. I said I would save them and just know that there were all good thoughts and memories in there. I would cherish the stones that symbolized the lives that I had touched (that had touched me!)
I read them. Every single tear stained one of them. There are no words. I love these people.
I don't know how to say goodbye.

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ElderberryWine4u said...

Good luck on your new job, Beth!

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