Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So not farm related.......

I picked up an interesting book at the library last week: Ghosts by James Van Praagh. I'll admit, I do like a good ghost story and mysteries but my reading leans a little more to stories written by Fannie Flagg, books about our food supply, gardening, sustainability, but definitely not books like this.

It was an interesting book. Very interesting. Recently I had an experience that, looking back, I'm amazed I made it through intact. Thinking back at the people involved and the situation, I truly believe that I had a run-in with a psychic vampire.

That seems so dramatic but when I read Van Praagh's description of a psychic vampire and his/her affect on the receiver, I am nearly positive that I was experiencing the losing end of such a being. I look back on some of the notes I kept during this time period. And I wrote that I felt empty, hopeless, ambitionless, irritable, scared,......just to name a few. When I was required to communicate with this individual, I instantly felt that life force drain from me. Seriously. It was a horrible situation. And the fact that I was at the precipice of depression, didn't help and was probably a direct result of this relationship.

I wonder how miserable this person must be. Because not only was she spewing negatively to all who surrounded her but she must have been drowning in it.

I want to be the opposite - instead of spreading anger and negative vibes all over the place, I hope that I spread at least a little positive juju. I try to remember to smile at people and to look at them. I try to treat others the way I would want them to treat my kids.

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