Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weather to write about the weather again, or not

You'd think I'd have a little more to write about than the weather..... But seriously, here in central PA, complaining about the weather is a very popular hobby. In other parts of the country, folks may greet each other with a 'hello, how are you' but here it is always 'hot/cold enough for ya?'. Closer to spring, the Harley-Davidson shop on the way home will show the countdown to spring on a marquee outside. When I was a kid, on the first day of spring I would put away my winter jacket and begin wearing my spring jacket. It didn't matter if there was a foot of snow - which in the snowbelt, was very likely.

Seen here, Snowball is in a trance envisioning the start of spring. He, too, would switch to a Spring coat on March 21st.

But the past couple of days has been bitter. Clover and Snowball have grown their winter coat as have the goats. Dolly Llama is as furry as always so she's nice and toasty. Actually she seems to prefer the cold weather and many times will sleep outside her llama hut which she shares with the goats.

Several schools were closed because of the subzero temps. I can remember a time when I was living in the snowbelt, in Warren, PA, and the bank for which I was a teller closed because it was so frigid outside. Now the places in which I grew up rarely--hardly ever-- closed down because of the snow. We were just used to it. But the cold was another thing. At least a school closure because of snow allowed us to go out sledding - but school closure because of intense cold. . . well there was nothing to do but stay inside under the blankets and wait for it to warm up!

But yet, even though it is the 6th of January, there are still signs of the life to come:

my prolific parsley still is green, even underneath the snow;

And the evergreens are ever green;

And my chickens are laying eggs.

So although I will most definitely welcome a few more degrees on the thermometer when it comes even if it means some of that white stuff falling from the skies, I know that underneath the cold, hard winter ground - life is stirring. Soon it will be rain season and then I'll complain about that.

And so it goes.


Jeanne said...

I love reading about the weather in different parts of the world. Seems unusually cold in most places doesn't it. I'm in the deep south and we're hearing predictions of 18 or 19 degree low for Saturday morning. That doesn't happen very often here. But you're right things will change and we'll be complaining about the heat or the rain soon enough. Stay warm!

OneOldGoat said...

Jeanne -
Wow that is cold for the South! And you are right, it is unseasonably cold. We had an early winter as well - 4 inches of snow on October 15th.

Oh well, at least that kind of cold weather is good for cuddling on the blanket and reading a good book!


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