Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music soothes the not-so-savage beasts

I received an Apple Creek mountain dulcimer for Christmas. Every since a person to whom I was briefly married and I spent the better part of a weekend making and selling funnel cakes stationed across from a dulcimer player, I've been totally enchanted with the instrument. Since I realized that dulcimer playing was going to be a reality for me, so many new words have entered my vocabulary: psaltery, a noter and droner, plucking, ionion/draconion tuning (not really draconion but I can't remember what other terms are used). I've also made my first recording. Okay, so it was just a short voice note on my blackberry that I've shared with my daughter and my parents, and it included a few swear words, the song Angels from the Realms of Glory was recognizable.

I'm hooked. I love the dulcimer. I love the people I've met in a Mountain Dulcimer online club. I love the thought that I'm actually playing a stringed instrument and that I can tune it. I've found that since setting aside time each day or nearly each day, to play the piano and understanding my mountain dulcimer, I am much more relaxed and much more pleasant to be around. My husband still does NOT like to hear my play - any instrument - but the kids do. My 12 year old daughter who is quickly moving into the teen years says that I am awesome. My other 12 year old daughter who seems to be further away from the teen years thinks it is great and she loves to play her trumpet. My 10 year old son says he just loves to hear real music in the house.

What more is there to ask for? Oh well, that music would tame my beasts, my canine beasts, but instead, it seems to help them rev up for their nighttime races!

My Apple Creek Mountain Dulcimer

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