Saturday, January 2, 2010

A wild time was had by all . . .

As you can see, we heartily welcomed the new year. The North will never be the same!
Zoom and Bingo appear to be the only living things moving - except for me, behind the camera without a coat;
Jingle, the cat, hiding from the kids and dogs under the tree;

baby Phoenix sleeping with his pal, Punxatawney Phil; and

Zoom - just plain tuckered out from all the festivities!

Driving home tonight, however, gave me a new respect for our PenDot workers, four-wheeled drive, and nerves of steel (not)! Leaving my brother's home before the storm that is expected to leave at least 8 inches of additional snow, I anticipated wet roads and perhaps some flurries. What I encountered were blinding snow, snow covered really snow covered roads, and limited visibility. Of course all of this was midway through the trip through some Pennsylvania's deepest national forest. It was beautiful - really beautiful! But wintertime in the snowbelt is no time to be driving by yourself with four of your children and your grandchild. We met maybe 5 cars during the nearly 2 hours it took to drive through the forested hills of PA. I'm used to driving on crappy roads - growing up in the snowbelt taught me that. I know how to handle situations but nature and slippery roads don't fight fair. It was incredibly irresponsible of me to drive at night through such conditions.
But we made it. We are home, the fire in the woodstove is roaring. I've enjoyed a couple beers and am wishing that I could get out my dulcimer and play a bit but since the kids are all sprawled out across the living room floor to stay warm, I guess I'll be satisfied to play on the computer, enjoy the tree, and hope that eventually I'll be able to sleep.
Goodnight, all!

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