Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I feel like I am young. Well, except for the fact that my back hurts today from sleeping in an awkward position. It is HARD to comfortably accomodate 2 chihuahuas and a labrador retriever on a sofa! But usually I think of myself as younger than most people. It is like my mental clock stopped about 15 years ago.
So I think of myself as a young grandma. And it irks me that when I introduce my grandson that no one, not one person, has remarked that 'oh, you can't possibly this child's grandmother, oh no, you must be his mother or, even, his sister!'. Nope, no one expresses anything and seemingly everyone readily accepts that yes, I am old enough to be his grandmother. Which is fine. I'm not complaining. I'm more than happy - ecstatic - to be this boy's grandma!
But then thinking about it, I guess I do look my age. I deserve to look my age. I've had 27 years of parenting so far and my youngest is only 10. I've had 25 years of being married to various somebodies. I've run semi-regularly for 18 years. I've done a lot of stuff. I guess I could wear some makeup to cover up some of the marks of time that sit on my face. But without a doubt, I would rub my eyes or something would make me laugh so hard I would cry and then the makeup would smear.
Sheesh - I've been searching for classmates on Facebook. And looking at some of the pictures, boy - have they gotten old! Some of my old classmates are barely recognizable! At least they will be able to recognize me - I haven't changed at all!


Sue said...

LOL I KNOW I haven't changed since I last saw all those old geezers who will be celebrating our 40th class reunion with me next year!!!! I used to look young for my age, but sadly, I think those years are finally catching up to me... I'll be back to visit more later. This old bod ( no, I didn't say BROAD) has to go stretch.... :-) Sue

aimee said...

Ha ha! you have a good sence of humor. Love it:) Came over for a visit after seeing that you left a comment on my blog. Thank you for the kind words and visit:)

Anonymous said...

So cute, poignant and true for me too!!!!

The spirit is truth and body is there to
emphasize the truth and challenge spirit to
"get over it".

Ugghhhhhh.....I don't necessarily like it though!!!

Mrs. Bobbin

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