Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer fun.....

I wish, sometimes, that I could have a week as a 10 year old again. Carefree (at least it was for me), endless possibilities, and all the time in the world. I am so thankful that my kids are able to stay home over the summer vacation. Even though they complain sometimes of being bored, they do things on their own that their peers won't have a chance to do.

They sleep soundly knowing that I won't be waking them up early, early, early to get ready for school. They are able to wake up leasurely, eat their breakfast, and then decide what to do for the day. Hopefully they are thinking that maybe they need to do their chores first! But they do have a lot to do: build cabins and forts, make fairy houses, play with the animals, read and read some more, make things, jump on the trampoline, play in the creek.

I love coming home from work and having the torch passed to me by my husband who then heads off to work. The kids are filthy and their hair is bleached blonde. They are tired and are ready for dinner. In August, they have most likely picked some corn to eat. My youngest daughter loves the garden and willingly weeds it for me. My other two young kids get really ambitious for jobs toward the end of summer so that they have money for the fair. My garden never looks better than it does in August!

But even though I will never have the chance to be 10 again, I love being able to see 10 through the eyes of my kids.

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Rue said...

You make me want to be 10 again too, after that description! What a wonderful time in life, that age :)


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