Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Drive-in Movie (I hope not)

Saturday night four of my children, my grandson, and I went to the movies. To the drive-in movies. To us, this is a common way to watch the big screen. We certainly have plenty of cinemas around but we are very lucky in that we also have access to several drive-in movie theatres. But even though these movies aren't a rarity for us, it still is a very special occasion to sit (or lie) in the back of the Explorer and watch a movie bigger than life. Outside. Everything about the experience is amazing! From getting to the drive-in early for a good spot and the subsequent anticipation of nightfall for the start of the movie to the eerily exciting walk in the dark to the 50's restrooms. We arrived there early and set up the chairs, blankets, and pillows while the kids made friends of kids from other families and played ball and ran and laughed and screamed until everyone was gathered up to await the opening previews. It is a requirement to buy movie food. Standing in line just the way that moviegoers from 50 years ago did and (I swear) the same Coca Cola signs, the same popcorn poppers - such things can't help but give one a twinge of nostalgia.

Our family has decided to forego television and had the satellite turned off a while back so watching Night at the Museum 2 had added appeal for us because we haven't really watched anything at all lately. Despite the huge turnout of families to watch this movie, there was nearly no noise at all. It was like something magical happened the minute night fell and the movie started. All these families, these kids and moms and dads and some dogs, all huddled close in the chill of the night breeze. What a wonderful way for summer to begin!

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