Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extended animal family

I am known for regularly boring colleagues with stories about my animals, my children, my husband (not so much), and my extended family of animals. But there are so many stories to tell! And so many animal personalities! For instance, the first picture is of my parents' cat Pumpkin aka big momma aka big catty (according to my niece and nephew and those of us who easily forget names). Pumpkin is about four years old. My mom isn't really a cat person but my dad loves all animals: cats, dogs, horses, chickens, you name it! And my dad wanted--in the worst way--a pet to sit and sleep on his lap. So he got Pumpkin from one of my brother's litters. From day one, that cat has been the most antisocial, aloof creature I have ever seen. Pumpkin has always been treated well. The best treats, toys, everything! But Pumpkin refuses to act catlike. She will tolerate my dad petting her for a moment or two. She will accompany my mom to the bathroom every morning. But then Pumpkin disappears. Occasionally she will sleep under the coffee table and if only my mom and dad are home, she may just jump up on the dinner table to watch the birds. But (horror of all horrors) if there are visitors such as me!, Pumpkin hides under the sofa and refuses to come out until I've gone to bed and before I wake up in the morning.
And this is Boots or Bootsy or little catty. Boots is the total opposite of Pumpkin and is the most loving cat ever. My dad found Boots as a scrawny, starving kitten under the porch of his office. When he brought her home 2 years ago, we never thought she's make it. But Boots has flourished! She has the most beautiful coat, the loudest purr, the kindest disposition. And she sashays around the house like a queen - a very kind queen. Boots likes to go outside and sit on the porch and then come in for a quick nibble and go back out. And Boots loves my dad.
Now this is Zoom. My niece and nephew's new pup. Zoom is a cross between a pug and a beagle and probably a few other things. Zoom will be joining of family of two laborador retrievers and 2 rabbits. Since Zoom has only been a member of the family since Saturday, there aren't any stories about him yet. But no doubt there will be.

There are other family animals such as my brother's airdale. As with my little farm, there is always something going on.

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