Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fleeting memory.....

Did you ever have a moment that just sparked a memory from long ago? A few minutes ago walking across campus with the sun shining through the trees and a frisky little breeze, I was reminded of time long, long ago. The same kind of day but I must have been only 5 or 6 years old. We lived in a farmhouse on top of a hill in a very rural part of Pennsylvania. There were cornfields all around and even in this part of June, the wind would bend the short little stalks as it blew through. All at once today, I was hit with the memory of sitting in our tire swing which hung from a huge oak tree in our backyard at the top of the hill. From this point, I could see all of the old farms: the Kinears, the Baughmans. This was back when farming was still a sustainable field and the sound of farm equipment was heard every day. This memory brought me back to a moment of leaning far, far back on the swing and rocking back and forth. No sounds. Well, there probably were birds and cars but I can only remember the breeze. I also have a memory of a feeling too. For that instant today when I was hit with this memory, I felt utterly happy and safe, without a worry in the world. Even as I write this, I knew my mom was in the house--probably in the kitchen. My dad was at work. And I was in the backyard swinging on our tire swing and feeling loved.

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