Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The secret is out

I am not a sneaky person. I don't usually intentially hide things from others - especially my husband. With the exception: vacation.
My husband likes to stay at home. He does not like to travel. He grew up in a financially poor family and thinks that vacations are out of our means. He does not like for the kids and me to travel.
I like to stay at home too - but I also love the ocean and camping. And so do the kids. They love pitching a tent on the beach and cooking over an open fire. I pay for the campsites the winter before and begin saving change so that money doesn't come out of the house budget. We don't spend alot of money on frivolous things but I really think that the every other year vacation - tenting and hiking on the beach is a very positive experience for the kids and me.
This year in preparation for our trip, we are learning to read a compass and map as well as how to use a compass without a map. These are important skills that we know all too well after being lost in the woods when our GPS lost signal. We've been learning about plants and herbs. We tell stories about the area where we camp - there are lots of legends about that area.
This drives my husband nuts. He can think of a million reasons not to go. But really, it is not expensive and saving money throughout the year really helps.
Now this year, there is a fly in the ointment. I need to find someone to feed and water and care for the animals. Technically my husband could do this (and probably will end up doing it). But I think that he thinks that is leverage for us not to go.
And maybe it is. And maybe I'm wrong. But the kids are not going to be young forever and are not always going to want to spend a week in a tent with their mom.

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