Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm too old for this

I'm going to visit my parents for the weekend. I'm leaving directly from work. I. am. going. by. myself. After last weekend's goat drama (in front of my parents), they invited me for two days of rest and relaxation. I am so looking forward to being with them. We have big plans: their little town's yardsale is tomorrow so we'll hit that early - which means lots of walking and hot sausage sandwiches and then mom and dad are taking me to their favorite summer eating place, Woody's Hotdogs! There will be much snacking and drinking of coffee, lots of laughing and reminiscing, and just the happiness of being together.

So what is my problem????? I won't have Tipper or Max or Sebastian or Bear or any of the cats to cuddle with at night! I had planned to bring a stuffed animal with me but I forgot. So at the age of 46, I am going to STOP AT THE STORE AND BUY A STUFFED ANIMAL! This is ridiculous but I have a serious need to fall asleep with my arm around something - a kid or an animal. Usually when I visit my parents my kids are with me. And they are still at an age where cuddling with mommy at night is a treat.

Good grief, if any of my students knew that I slept with a stuffed animal . . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Hope you have signed-up to decorate a scarf/scarves for your little friends --to benefit abandoned dogs..Please got to my place and see the second post--we could use your help!

love, kelee

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