Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bu-bye Bucky . . .

On Thursday, Bucky will be going to live on a new farm. A big farm with lots of room and no neighbors with yummy trees.

I'll miss him. Kind of. But life will/may be calmer now. I'm glad that my husband found a friend of his who wants mininubian goats and is really looking forward to moving Bucky to his farm.

A lesson learned. I will never again ignore advice from people way more knowledgeable than me. Fortunately my mistake has a happy ending for all involve. As I said in a previous post, it is really wrong of me to be so hateful toward Bucky for being the animal he is. Without Bucky, I wouldn't have Cookie Dough. If I hadn't had this experience, I would not have known how to build a secure fence. I would never have known what 'airplane ears' were. Without Bucky, I wouldn't have had the hands-on experience of owning a buck--which trust me, is a knowledge I never will lose!

Like so many things, farming is a series of learning experiences and the most I can hope for is that no one is hurt in the process. I treat my animals well. I love them and talk to them and am careful what I feed them. I worry that they are too fat or too thin. I worry that they are cold or hot. I'm hoping that soon I will become more confident as a farmer.

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A Wild Celtic Rose said...

I once had a pygmy goat named "Josh".

"Oh, he's cute, he won't be any trouble."

yeah right...

He stripped my apple trees to nubs...

escaped regularly.

And had an annoying habit of headbutting beer cans (a cute trick taught by a then boyfriend who used to encourage him to crush beer cans with his head, which made party guests uncomfortable)

I finally told the person who brought him to me to take him back were he got him.

Goats aren't for everyone.

Mrs. Bobbin

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