Monday, February 8, 2010

Beauty of the storm . . .

A perfect Sunday - when it is cold and nasty, I do my morning chores quickly. Because although it is damn cold in the house (I usually let the fire in the stove go out), it is way more cold outside. But this morning, the sun was streaming in the backdoor in such a way, that I was convinced it was warm. I was wrong--it wasn't even in waving distance of being warm! But I was out there with my big dogs and it was beautiful. The wind wasn't blowing which,although, it was 18 -- seemed nearly balmy compared to the past week.

Usually the chickens want nothing to do with the snow and the cold. But apparently, the sun had tricked them too! The golden snitch, the black silkie, and the brown chicken dealt with the cold by standing on one foot.
The rooster and his "chick", dealt with it by sitting on the fence where they could also keep an eye on the food. And who said chickens are dumb!

I love sunny mornings when the snow glitters!
The woods and the creek seem so magical - like no place I've ever been. There is something so peaceful about our woods and the creek in the wintertime. Especially on a Sunday, especially after a snowstorm. No one is out - there are no sounds. Well, except for my roosters and those of the neighbors. These are the times when I am able to get back to myself. To enjoy being.
And look, I've been visited by an angel . . . .

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