Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 Part 2

Ok. Mother Nature, it was funny kind of when it snowed in mid-October, it was cute when we went to bitter cold to sweatshirt weather within a week, it was somewhat exciting when we had our first real snowstorm last weekend but at this point, no one is laughing at the snow any more.

This what I see everywhere I look:

I see this, too:
None of us are impressed.

Not Clover.

Not Dolly Llama.

Not even Bear.

The world's largest rooster only comes out of the chicken house to eat,

although the chickens are easy. They don't care what the weather does as long as they have plenty to eat.

The cats keep warm snuggled in the hay.

And Tipper just shivers!

I'm ready for some warmth. I'm tired and sick and I would love some sunshine!

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