Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gardens and snow and chilly dogs

This has been a crazy winter. I'm itching to get out into the garden or at least get something growing inside but it's a little early to be starting my plants.

I think the reason my blogposts have taken a dark twist is because of the season. I always come home in the dark. Thank goodness, I'm able to be outside in the morning sun to feed and water the animals. But seriously, I would love to be outside in the evening doing more than just the necessities with the critters.
I have new plans for my garden this year. A plan to make a series of raised beds with tomatoes and a companion plant in one. I've had the worst time with my tomatoes for the past several years. They look beautiful until you look at the bottom and most are rotten. Most people in this area have had the same problem.

I am hoping to grow a good amount of corn - it really stunk having to buy corn to can. And the years that we've had corn, it wasn't enough and of course because there wasn't much, it was the best I've ever tasted.

I'm going to give potatoes a try again. Last two years I grew them in stacks of tires. The first year I had some, last year there were none. I'm wondering if it was because I used straw instead of dirt.

My year of attempting to can nearly everything has been a huge, huge success - beyond my wildest expectations. But it is clear the things I need to add.

But my dreams of a garden will need to cheer me through this weekend's anticipated snowstorm.

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