Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birdman Joe and the Great Outdoors

I thought I had it rough. But I never stopped to consider how it must feel to be barely 8 inches tall in 14 inches of snow.

Poor Birdman Joe - the other farm chihuahua - he has to walk himself outside. On his own leash.

He gets a little irritated that all of the other dogs are free to run and play in the snow. It is just not fair. But Birdman Joe isn't made of the same stuff that the other dogs are made. He's more of a cuddle-up-with-mom type of dog.
We have a routine, Birdman Joe and I. Every morning when I go out to take care of the horses, goats, chickens, and llama, Birdman Joe heads outside with me. He is actually quite excited to have his collar put on and to run with the big dogs. Kind of.
He gets attached to a leash for the short time he is out - which is only long enough for me to feed the chickens. That is about long enough and he has started to shiver by then. I don't like putting him on a leash - none of the other dogs get put on a leash. But Birdman Joe has a mind of his own and I'm not about to risk losing him.

So after Birdman has had his romp in the snow, off he goes, into the house to eat and play with his pal, Tucker.
Seriously folks . . . we just have to laugh about the snow. There is nothing else to do.
Stay warm and stay safe.

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